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Linked Content: 8 steps toward content system interoperability

The single, central content repository might exist somewhere, but the businesses I’ve seen employ a dozen or more content-focused systems: ECMS, WCMS, DAM, search, publishing systems… All of which need to be integrated for content and workflows to cross system boundaries with ease. (For example, to search and select images in the DAM system and place them in a Web CMS gallery, or in a print layout tool, without having to download files from the DAM to manually upload them into the WCMS.)

Bespoke point-to-point integrations between each of those systems are way too much work. (More on this in Improving DAM Interoperability In 2017.) I think Linked Data is a good model for making systems interoperate well, minimizing the amount of integration work required. Here’s eight “Linked Content” steps towards better interoperability, embracing Web architecture:

1. Each content object has its own Web page (“details page”)

First, every photo, article, or video needs its own permanent URL (see Cool URIs don’t change). Example: some random Flickr image.

Your system might already have such a details page URL. If not, start with this step even if you’re not ready for the rest; people will enjoy being able to share links to content via Skype or mail.

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Mon, 22 Jan 2018 12:44:00 +0000