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Tim Strehle

E-Mail: tim.strehle@mailbox.org

I’m a passionate Digital Asset Management expert, switching between product and project manager, software architecture and development roles. I’m coming from an information management background so I have a deep understanding of the DAM user perspective as well. Hamburg, Germany is where I live and work.

Blog: Tim’s Weblog is my (link) blog.

Twitter: I'm @tistre on Twitter.

I work for the SPIEGEL Verlag as “Project Leader Digital Asset Management Systems”. Ending mid-2017, I spent almost 19 years at DAM vendor Digital Collections as “Product Manager and Lead Software Developer”, building enterprise-grade Digital Asset Management (DAM) software, mostly for newspaper and magazine publishers around the world.

Skills: Project management, product management, software architecture, data modeling, Web development since 1997 (70% backend in PHP, 30% frontend in JavaScript), XML, Web APIs, DAM, image metadata, newspaper archives. See my DAM developer chronicles for the whole story.

I don’t have a real resume online but my pseudo resume and my former employer’s public good-bye say more about me than you probably wanted to know.

You can also find me on Github, XING and LinkedIn.

You’re currently on my homepage, www.strehle.de/tim/.

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