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Digital Asset Management Reading List Oct. 2017: Pivots and Blockchains

Here’s the last month’s Digital Asset Management articles which had a lasting impression on me – picked from the constant stream of blog posts you can see float by on Planet DAM. For more curated DAM links, see the weekly Digital Asset Management.com Links and Tracy Wolfe’s 10 things on the 10th.

My reading list arrives pretty late this month – the links below are all from September, and it’s almost November already…

Two of my favorite articles deal with vendors “pivoting”: In Knowing when It’s Time to Start Over, David Diamond interviews Ramon Forster about the change of direction they’re taking with the upcoming Picturepark Content Platform. And Max Dunn tells the story of how their “Silicon Connector” product name keeps redefining the product.

I’m still unsure how much of an impact blockchains will have on DAM, but I’m happy I finally understand their potential thanks to Ralph Windsor’s two-part series called Blockchains: Catalysts For Innovation In Content DAM and his CMSWire article From Value Chains To Blockchains. Ralph is not the only one looking at blockchains, see Alexandra Lilienthal’s Will Blockchain Disrupt ECM or Is it Just a Lot of Hype?.

Speaking of ECM, I think there’s a lot to learn from DAM related disciplines – check out Jack Saville’s definition of Enterprise Content Management and Martin White’s look at the next generation of Enterprise Search. Miles Kehoe advises us to improve Enterprise Search by putting your metadata to work. Which brings us to…

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