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Asset Bank: Introducing Crowd Feature

Asset Bank – Introducing Crowd Feature:

“As far as we know Asset Bank is the first vendor of enterprise business software to offer crowdfunding as an option for clients who request the development of a product feature. Crowd Feature is intended for clients who want a new feature, can be flexible about time scales, and have a limited budget to spend on it.

[…] Crowd Feature is a SaaS website, available to any software vendor who is interested in doing the same for their clients.”

Great idea! For add-on features that don’t need changes in the core product, I’d go one step further and add an option to collaboratively develop the feature as open source, or ask a third party to implement it. That way, instead of having to give money to the vendor and wait for him to build it, you (a customer or partner) could invest the time of your own developers or pay someone else. Suddenly you have a core product as a common platform, and a market place where anyone can add value…

Thu, 28 Nov 2013 09:37:24 +0000