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Rolling Your Own Newsroom

Robert Passarella at O'Reilly Radar – Rolling Your Own Newsroom:

"What I like about Google's Reader is the ability to tag items and then turn those tags into feeds for friends or inputs to other applications, like Yahoo Pipes. As I started playing with tags and feeds, I realized that you could create a real useful and simple version of a personal Newsroom. […] As I read throughout the day, I hand tag all the items that I think are interesting. The feeds automatically update through my tagging and with a small bit of delay they appear on the page.

The key is that all of the items that make it to the page have been reviewed and selected by me. So I am cultivating these stories and sources for my audience instead of having automated keyword tagging populate a feed.

[…] If you are a small organization or group, this is an ideal way to keep track of topics."

Mon, 27 Oct 2008 08:26:12 +0000


Sat, 25 Oct 2008 21:51:33 +0000

Branch Out

Tim Bray – Branch Out:

"Developers of the world: real deep design skill is rare, but there are a few principles of design and color that, if you follow them, will keep you mostly out of trouble and produce something that may not seduce the viewer’s eye but on the other hand won’t revolt it. Bookstore shelves are full of books on the basics of online design, have a look."

Sat, 25 Oct 2008 19:29:57 +0000

Free Software Now

Tim Bray – Free Software Now:

"When business is already hurting, up-front software license fees hurt especially hard, and I just don’t believe that Enterprise Software, as currently priced, has much future, in the near term anyhow.

[…] The drum that Jonathan has been pounding on ever since I got here about “Monetization at the point of value” is just getting louder and louder and it’s not going away.

Technology adoption has to be free. Technology deployment has to be real cheap. When you scale a system up and you’re getting business value for it, that’s when you can actually write a proposal for infrastructure and support that won’t get turfed by the nearest corporate-finance person."

Tue, 14 Oct 2008 06:31:20 +0000

A Good Time for Agility

Tim Bray – A Good Time for Agility:

"But just because times are tough doesn’t mean we’re going to stop developing projects. It just means we have to be agile about it."

Mon, 13 Oct 2008 07:44:08 +0000

Queue everything and delight everyone

 Leslie Michael Orchard – Queue everything and delight everyone:

"And, in the end, that’s really the purpose of a web-based content creation interface—accepting something as quickly as possible to make the user happy enough to continue submitting more. The other part of the user interface, retrieval, serves simply to get the original content distributed as fast as can be reasonably expected."

Wed, 01 Oct 2008 13:03:36 +0000