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Rolling Your Own Newsroom

Robert Passarella at O'Reilly Radar – Rolling Your Own Newsroom:

"What I like about Google's Reader is the ability to tag items and then turn those tags into feeds for friends or inputs to other applications, like Yahoo Pipes. As I started playing with tags and feeds, I realized that you could create a real useful and simple version of a personal Newsroom. […] As I read throughout the day, I hand tag all the items that I think are interesting. The feeds automatically update through my tagging and with a small bit of delay they appear on the page.

The key is that all of the items that make it to the page have been reviewed and selected by me. So I am cultivating these stories and sources for my audience instead of having automated keyword tagging populate a feed.

[…] If you are a small organization or group, this is an ideal way to keep track of topics."