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Digital Asset Management Reading List Aug. 2017: Enterprise discontent, Orbit

Here’s the last month’s Digital Asset Management articles which had a lasting impression on me – picked from the constant stream of blog posts you can see float by on Planet DAM. For more curated DAM links, see the weekly Digital Asset Management.com Links and Tracy Wolfe’s 10 things on the 10th.

(The list is a bit shorter this month because my new job keeps me busy.)

Favorites: Every enterprise DAM customer and vendor should read Ralph Windsor’s excellent piece on enterprise discontent with current DAM solutions. A sample quote: “DAM users want to be able to drill down through the digital asset supply chain and gain greater control over their digital asset operations. […] The role of the software vendor as provider of a self-contained product which they exclusively control and make decisions about is likely to end.”

Also highly recommended is Nora Gehin’s article Listening and message repetition are key to user adoption which contains tons of useful advice for DAM practitioners.

Industry news: The big news this month is that Bynder is launching a free DAM tool called Orbit – Emily Kolvitz is happy that everyone can now “touch and understand” DAM. CEO Chris Hall’s take on this is DAM for everyone! On DAM News, Ralph Windsor comments on the possible implications for Bynder and the DAM market.

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