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Digital Asset Management Reading List June 2017: DAM NY, DAM people, adoption

Here’s the last month’s Digital Asset Management articles which had a lasting impression on me – picked from the constant stream of blog posts you can see float by on Planet DAM. For more curated DAM links, see the weekly Digital Asset Management.com Links and Tracy Wolfe’s 10 things on the 10th.

“The realisation of interoperability standards in DAM is key to whether it has longevity as a market”, writes Ralph Windsor in the introduction to his excellent DAM News article Finding Signs Of Life In DAM: Interoperability 1.0. The need for a digital supply chain, built on integration-friendly tools, is also one of Kevin Gepford’s 8 top takeaways from the Creative Ops conference. Max Dunn, writing about Silicon Publishing’s Canto Flight InDesign Plugin, reasons about different approaches to integration. In an unusual move, the museum community writes an open letter to DAM vendors, asking them to implement IIIF, the International Image Interoperability Framework.

From the Henry Stewart DAM New York conference, Cory Schmidt reports on the latest DAM trends, Frédéric Sanuy summarizes DAM NY 2017, and Douglas Eldridge shares his insights from the best damn conference. Presentations from the conference include Uri Kogan on the future of DAM, and Douglas Hegley on digital transformation in the nonprofit sector.

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Wed, 14 Jun 2017 19:57:00 +0000

Streaming an Ajax response with Vue.js and Server-sent events (SSE)

The problem: We want to display a large number of search results (from our DAM system) on a Web page. Gathering the results on the server and transferring them to the browser takes a while. To improve the user experience and show the first results as soon as possible, we want to “stream” the results. Each item needs to be rendered as soon as the browser receives it. A simple Ajax call waits until the server has returned everything, so we’ll have to do something a little more advanced.

The solution outlined here combines two technologies I currently enjoy experimenting with: the Vue.js JavaScript framework (a competitor of React and Angular) and Server-sent events (SSE), a lightweight, W3C-standardized alternative to WebSockets.

In our old UI, we used Oboe.js for streaming, but I like the new approach much better because it requires little code, thanks to the magic of Vue.js and EventSource (the Web browser’s built-in SSE support, not available in IE and Microsoft Edge) – and because it’s very lightweight, requiring nothing but a simple script include (no npm, no build toolchain).

The end result looks like this, you can try it live here:

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Fri, 02 Jun 2017 14:04:00 +0000