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Digital Asset Management Reading List Sep. 2017: Content Management, W3C schema.org group

Here’s the last month’s Digital Asset Management articles which had a lasting impression on me – picked from the constant stream of blog posts you can see float by on Planet DAM. For more curated DAM links, see the weekly Digital Asset Management.com Links and Tracy Wolfe’s 10 things on the 10th.

In August, one of the hottest DAM debates ever (60+ comments) takes place: On LinkedIn, David Diamond proposes calling our subject “Content Management” instead of “Digital Asset Management”. Ralph Windsor responds with Digital Asset Management is not Content Management, coining the term “Content DAM”, and he defines Digital Assets on his newly-launched Digital Asset News site. See also the trend to rebrand DAM products: David’s Picturepark article about Content Management 2.0, censhare’s Ian Truscott on Things, Stuff and Content, and Northplains’ Jason Arena on Content Lifecycle Management.

A glimmer of hope for better DAM interoperability is Emily Kolvitz initiating a W3C DAM Industry Business Ontology Community Group whose mission is “to propose, discuss, create and maintain extensions to schema.org related to the DAM industry”. She writes about it in Can we get some DAM Findability on the Web? Everyone, please participate! – “Standards-based” is one of ADAM’s four key attributes of interoperability, and Anna Cotton lists flexibility and integrations in her 5 questions to ask your DAM vendor.

CMSWire runs a series on Enterprise DAM, stressing that DAM is not just for the marketing department. Contributors are Martin Wilson, Jason Arena, Jake Athey, Ines Köhler, Alan J. Porter, and Toby Martin (drone imaging).

Jarrod Gingras writes about DAM for CPGs, and records a 30-minute briefing on how to convince your boss to fund DAM. Pica9 has 9 questions to ask during the requirements gathering phase. Both Widen and Canto introduce their Professional Services teams.

Greg Lambert wants to reestablish the corporate librarians, and Peter Krogh gives an update on The DAM Book 3.

Brian Kavanaugh asks whether our systems are helping or hindering success. Kaya Ismail describes IBM's vision for “headless” with Watson Content Hub. Regulations that might affect your DAM system: GDPR and ISO 27001.

Metadata: Nate Holmes describes the metadata brainstorm exercise, Emily E. Vargas her work on metadata at Wilson Sporting Goods. Jennifer Tyner shares her thoughts on metadata governance and training, while Brandon Costa summarizes lessons learned by media industry professionals on metadata and taxonomy strategies. Heather Hedden teaches us about taxonomies in SharePoint, David Diamond about the value of synonyms.

On AI: To Canto, AI is the new DAM employee. Henrik de Gyor releases his book “Keywording Now” and publishes an audio recording of a NYC DAM Meetup on AI and automation. George Anadiotis writes about machine learning for photography applications, and Ron Miller is convinced AI will fundamentally change how we manage content.

Conference reporting: Sarah Saunders reports from the IPTC Photo Metadata Conference 2017: All About Image Search and AI. Laura Fu has 3 reasons why Chicago is the best DAM conference for a first-timer.

On to the articles I love the most – DAM experts talking shop: You don’t want to miss Mark Leslie’s fun approach to change management. In interviews and articles, Alex Cabal, Yumiko Saito, Jennifer Dolcetti and Sarah Karolski share their stories. From DAM vendors, MediaValet’s Maria Osipova and censhare CEO Dieter Reichert (see also part 2).

Screenshots: Libris user roles, NetX 8.11.

Case studies: The Financial Times, Met Office, Fairline Yachts.

See you next month!