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Dominic Grzbielok: It’s DAMned hard to search for a Digital Asset Management system

On his blog, Dominic Grzbielok (of Munich-based startup TargetVideo) tells the story of his search for a DAM system:

VerDAMmt schwer, die Suche nach einem Digital Asset Management-System

(The blog post is in German – the title translates to “It’s DAMned hard to search for a Digital Asset Management system”.)

He explains why it indeed is “terrible to shop for a DAM system”, as I had guessed in DAM, a market with no reviews or critics:

Requirements are complex, there’s tons of systems (he looked at 80 DAM products), the market is intransparent (reviews and public criticism are rare, apart from Ralph Windsor’s DAM News), analyst reports are expensive and it’s unclear whether you can trust them, and DAM consulting isn’t cheap either.

An excellent article and a rare insight into the DAM buying process from the customer’s point of view – don’t miss it if you can read German, or deal with the horrors of Google Translate.

Disclosure: Our company’s DAM system was one of the 80 products on Dominic’s list. In the end, they chose Cantemo Portal.

Thu, 25 Aug 2016 20:00:00 +0000

David Diamond: Metadata for Content Management

I enjoyed reading David Diamond’s new book Metadata for Content Management. He’s covering everything a DAM system or CMS customer needs to know about metadata fields, contents and policy and how they affect search, workflows and interoperability. The book is written for practical use, in plain and fun language and with excellent examples for every single point he makes. (Disclosure: I’m listed on the “Thanks” page of the book so I’m slightly biased.) Check out the table of contents, an excerpt and Ralph Windsor’s review.

Good metadata schema design rarely gets the attention it deserves in DAM projects. I’d ask our project managers to send a copy of David’s book to each new DAM system customer so they can prepare better for the requirements workshops we’re doing… if only Adaptive Metadata (as implemented by David’s employer, Picturepark) weren’t so prominently featured in the book.

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Mon, 15 Aug 2016 09:58:00 +0000

To my new colleague

Our company, Digital Asset Management (DAM) vendor Digital Collections, is looking for a Web developer based in Hamburg, Germany. Of course there’s a conventional job offer over on the company Web site, but since you and me will be working closely together, I’d like to add some thoughts – nothing official, just my personal opinion. Don’t let it scare you away; I’ll be your colleague, not your boss! (If you want to know who this weird guy is, here’s more about me. Sorry I’m writing this in English; my blog has some international readers, and you’re used to reading English anyway.)

First of all, I’m happy you’re considering to join us! Web developers are highly sought after these days, at least here in Hamburg. We’re competing with companies much cooler than ours: Our office isn’t trendy, many of us are middle-aged, there’s not many perks except for free coffee and drinks, a fruit bowl, and the occasional home office day (good hardware ain’t a perk anymore). I guess we’re paying well, but I don’t really know. So what made you check us out?

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Fri, 12 Aug 2016 11:14:00 +0000