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Speak the customer’s language and put content first in your DAM UI

We’re currently designing our DAM system’s next generation user interface (UI), and one of the things I’m thinking about a lot is how to present content, and how to navigate it, in a way that makes sense to the people using the DAM.

Mental models

For the DAM vendor, it’s natural to view a DAM system as a generic container for any kind of “assets” or “content”, plus functionality for operating on those assets. If you asked me as a DAM developer for the main sections of a DAM, I’d go for something like “Search, Edit, Upload”.

Here’s how some DAM products name their main navigation items (the first line is from our DC-X product), exemplary of the “generic container” approach:

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Fri, 24 Jun 2016 10:43:00 +0000