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Where do I put search result context in schema.org?

I’ve been advocating schema.org for DAM interoperability for a while now, but mostly from a theoretical perspective – I didn’t have any implementation experience to back my claims up. This is supposed to change now as we’re trying to base parts of our new DAM UI on the schema.org vocabulary.

But of course, where the rubber meets the road, there’s unexpected challenges. I had already figured out how to express core asset data using schema.org, but a real DAM UI’s central aspect is search. And searches don’t just consist of the found objects’ data, but also of context and controls (to borrow a phrase from Ruben Verborgh’s excellent Turtles all the way down).

Here’s some things I need to know to render a good search UI (along with related OpenSearch and Hydra property names where available):

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Mon, 30 May 2016 12:25:00 +0000