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Company culture resources

I’ve been thinking a lot about company culture recently. I believe that there’s enormous potential in reflecting on and improving the culture; you’ve certainly heard the famous saying “culture eats strategy for breakfast” attributed to Peter Drucker.

So, what is company culture (or corporate culture)?

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Wed, 30 Nov 2016 22:43:00 +0000

Digital Asset Management Reading List Nov. 2016: UX, Zapier, Metadata

Copying Anselm Hannemann’s Web Development Reading List format, here’s the last month’s Digital Asset Management articles which had a lasting impression on me – picked from the constant stream of blog posts you can see float by on Planet DAM. For more curated DAM links, see the Digital Asset Management.com Links and Tracy Wolfe’s 10 things on the 10th.

Ralph Windsor writes at length about DAM in 2030 on DAM News – including an excellent analysis of the DAM UI usability dilemma: The minimalist interfaces vendors “currently over-obsess about” are hard to reconcile with the inherent complexities of DAM. And vendors may not even be trying to get this right since “devising applications that are both powerful and simple is expensive”.

DAM system user experience (UX) is what Theresa Regli talks about too. While she says vendors “are much better at marketing than user experience”, she sees UX being a hot topic among DAM vendors, and even names some which are getting it right.

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Sun, 06 Nov 2016 22:49:00 +0000