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Rick Yagodich: The Author Comes First

Rick Yagodich (@think_info) on the Contentful blog – The Author Comes First:

“Any time a big company buys an enterprise CMS, they are easily spending seven figures on the licenses and then another six on subscription fees. To customize this CMS to do something even vaguely resembling what the buyer wants is another seven figure project. It’s not uncommon to spend five-to-seven million dollars to get a mediocre publishing platform.

[…] When we’ve got a CMS that is configurable on a deeper level, we will see a paradigm shift. Organizations that currently spend millions of dollars on customising enterprise platforms, will go for natively configurable publishing tools.

[…] People recognise the value of this approach. There are challenges. And it will take investment. It’s a big step that doesn’t fit in with most vendors’ five-year roadmaps.

[…] At some point, a vendor will take that leap. They will develop a platform that defines a new generation in content management; a true game-changer.

[…] The other vendors would have no choice but to change course, to abandon their precious roadmaps and catch up as fast as they could. I think that would happen within a year of the first serious (enterprise-hardened) platform that provided that level of configurability hitting the market.”

I’d love this to happen in the DAM market as well – see my previous post on System architecture: Splitting a DAM into Self-Contained Systems.