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Dave Winer’s blog turns 20

Dave Winer has been blogging for almost 20 years now. His blog is on my reading list for programmers. I love the way he writes, making software development feel simple and personal. (Much appreciated especially when I’m building “enterprise software” that often seems to be the opposite.)

Two of his pieces that I can’t get out of my head (both from 2012):

A message from developers to users: “Users do more of some things than others. […] You make that way easy.” A wonderfully simple definition of the essence of software development, and a welcome change of perspective.

What you think matters: “I would send the message to all 15-year-olds, not just me.” I remember thinking during the first years in my job: “Why are they doing things this way? This seems wrong. I must be missing something.” I often wasn’t – they were making a lot of mistakes, but as the newbie I wasn’t supposed to know. Trust your instincts and keep asking questions…

Thanks Dave, and keep digging!

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