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Living in the past – perfect albums

(Sorry for this unusually non-professional blog post. I’ll get back to business with my next post!)

I was born in 1972, and my taste in music shows that I’m living in the past already: Though I love many current songs, only few albums feel magical and coherent from the first to the last song. For me, all of these are from the mid-seventies and the eighties.

It’s pretty unlikely that all the best music was written in a 15-year period quite a while ago. This music resonates the most with me probably because I discovered it as a teen.

Here’s my list of perfect albums:

Boston: Third Stage (1986)
Bruce Springsteen: Born To Run (1975) 
Bruce Springsteen: Darkness On The Edge Of Town (1978) 
Bruce Springsteen: Born In The U.S.A. (1984) 
Bryan Adams: Reckless (1984) 
Chris Rea: Dancing With Strangers (1987) 
Dire Straits: Love Over Gold (1983) 
Dire Straits: Brothers In Arms (1985) 
Gary Moore: Run For Cover (1985) 
Gary Moore: Wild Frontier (1987) 
Keith Jarrett: The Köln Concert (1975) 
Mary Black: The Collection (1992) 
Queen: News Of The World (1977) 
Reinhard Mey: Zwanzig Uhr – Live (1974) 
Rush: Moving Pictures (1981) 
Rush: Signals (1982) 
Rush: Power Windows (1985) 
Rush: Hold Your Fire (1987) 
Saga: Silent Knight (1980) 
Saga: Worlds Apart (1981) 
Saga: Behaviour (1985)
Scorpions: World Wide Live (1984)
U2: The Joshua Tree (1987) 
Van Morrison: Poetic Champions Compose (1987) 
Van Morrison: Avalon Sunset (1989) 

Update (2017-03-22): Added the Scorpions’ “World Wide Live” and Boston’s “Third Stage”.

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