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Ralph Windsor: Transforming DAM From A Product To Service-Oriented Delivery Model

Ralph Windsor – Transforming DAM From A Product To Service-Oriented Delivery Model:

“[People] like to think in terms of products. Buying a software system confers an illusion of commitment to doing something about the problem, […], by contrast, strategy and planning implies having to give up more of everyone's precious time and taking some ownership of (and therefore responsibility for) the problem.

[…] When the vendors deliver the aforementioned demos, they get asked if they support feature X,Y or Z. If not, there are usually fear-induced long pauses followed by either lying, disingenuous re-interpretation of the question to suit the vendor's current capabilities (see previous point) or an assurance that 'it will be available in the next version' (see first point).”

Wed, 23 Jul 2014 06:18:10 +0000