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David Diamond, Jeremiah Karpowicz: Fighting DAM Ignorance with Education and Cooperation

Jeremiah Karpowicz interviews David Diamond – Fighting DAM Ignorance with Education and Cooperation:

“Because the long-term benefits of DAM are so horribly obscured at the beginning, DAM always seems to have more downside than upside.

[…] DAM vendors like to spew best-practice advice that tells prospects to do their homework and carefully determine their needs.

[…] Vendors tend to introduce half-baked features that don't get the planning and UX considerations they deserve.

[…] I'm far more a DAM user than I am a marketing director. So rather than just deal with these situations, I become a screaming, maniacal customer-from-hell who expects it all to be fixed today, and I want a handwritten apology for my troubles too.

[…] What people hate about DAM is not ugly icons; people hate all the jumping around the UI they must do in order to get anything meaningful done. Nothing good will happen there until UX designers join R&D teams and DAM employees start actually using their own software.

[…] I'm never shy about referring people to a library sciences professional.

[…] I see [DAM] as a metadata-managed global file system that every program can use and every service can access. When I connect to my corporate network, what I see from my Open/Save dialog boxes is my organization's DAM”.

Must read (as usual).

Tue, 17 Jun 2014 13:40:01 +0000