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Michael Lopp: Drift

Michael Lopp – Drift:

“See, as system thinkers, we’re trying to build a model that, well, explains everything. To assist in our discovery of everything, we’ve built ingenious ways of gathering data. Whether it’s a feed reader, a set of bookmark tab groups, Facebook, Twitter, or a news aggregator, we’ve constructed a personal machine that allows us to rapidly consume information.

[…] The process of consuming all this data gives my mind mental velocity, but it’s not just the rate of consumption that gets me mentally limber, it’s the map I’m constantly building and refining. I’m exercising and developing my Relevancy Engine. I’m instantly evaluating everything I know and comparing this item to that impression.

[…] The high volume of information consumption has forced my brain into high gear to process and analyze it. Analysis is the catalyst that opens the door to creativity.”

Well put. Just the way I feel. (Related: How I’m blogging.)

Mon, 24 Mar 2014 09:50:24 +0000