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James Rourke: DAM for Beginners: User Interface & experience

James Rourke – DAM for Beginners: User Interface & experience:

“A note to vendors: don’t underestimate the value of how your system looks; you want to wow your client in a demo. A well-functioning system that looks dated or too technical might miss out to a less well-functioning system that looks nicer and easier to use.

[…] This technical UI can be used at the ‘back-end’ of a DAM system, where administrative functions and other complex actions are carried out, whilst the ‘front-end’ remains a user-friendly portal allowing for more basic actions. In this case only a limited number of well-trained, technically-aware users would operate on the ‘database’ UI.”

Exactly what we’re building right now: A friendlier, simpler UI for the casual user, complementing our complex, fully-featured UI.

Tue, 04 Feb 2014 10:51:01 +0000