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Naresh Sarwan: Can Current DAM Platforms Survive the Maturity Phase?

Naresh Sarwan – Can Current DAM Platforms Survive the Maturity Phase?:

“With a few notable exceptions, many DAM vendors have an almost limitless capacity for misplaced arrogance. They have incorrectly interpreted increased demand as a sign of improving customer satisfaction. This is a loud and clear message to vendors: just because you are selling well right now does not mean that users think your products are good enough!

[…] DAM vendors are falling over themselves to copy each other and building ever more complex platforms with layers of legacy issues that will need to be unwound and replaced repeatedly over the next few years. This will tie them up in knots and provide more agile competitors with an opportunity to make rapid progress at their expense.”

Wed, 09 Oct 2013 09:18:52 +0000