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Paul Watson: Hack 70,000 UGC videos from the Storyful archive at MediaHackDay

Paul Watson – Hack 70,000 UGC videos from the Storyful archive at MediaHackDay:

“The value of one of the biggest assets that publishing houses hold, their content archives, has yet to be unlocked.

[…] What stories happening now have precursors in our archive?

[…] Finding new ways to search, tag, link, package and push data is vital to the evolution of the modern newsroom.”

I fully agree that there’s huge potential in archives. (Our DAM systems have always been both newspaper archival system and news agency content store. When selling, we’re intentionally downplaying the former part because money is made in newspaper production, not in archives.) The conviction that digital creations will have meaning and value later, often in unexpected ways, is at the very heart of Digital Asset Management. Why else spend money to keep yesterday’s stuff? Don’t forget about your archives and librarians!

Mon, 07 Oct 2013 21:13:00 +0000