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David Diamond: DAM Beauty and Usability

David Diamond – DAM Beauty and Usability:

“Beauty and usability are typically not words associated with digital asset management software, and for good reason. Have you seen the user interfaces of most DAMs?

[…] DAMs should be as close to invisible as possible. No one learns to create digital content just to spend time in a DAM. Let the digital assets be the stars.

[…] Don’t buy the “it can look like anything you want!” excuse. That just means it’s a DAM you can’t afford. Something must be available out of the box. See it. If the UI is ugly or it makes no sense to you, consider that Strike One against the system.”

I love David’s writing, opinionated and funny, and he’s usually right. There’s so much mediocrity in the DAM software market. Let’s point it out and raise the bar. (If you’re writing on the Web, please dare to have an opinion as well, and voice it clearly – this helps to not bore your readers.)

Tue, 20 Aug 2013 07:02:40 +0000