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Typo3 Neos: 2017 WCM Forecast

The Typo3 Neos 2017 WCM Forecast has experts predict the future of Web content management, with some great quotes.

Karen McGrane: “First, organizations will realize that WCMS doesn’t always support true multi-channel publishing. They will need to invest in new systems to decouple the authoring and storage layer from the presentation and publishing layer. This might mean adding middleware, developing new APIs or even choosing an entirely new CMS. […]”

Perttu Tolvanen: “I believe that in the future our “content management system” will have dozens of different pieces (for photos, for videos, for publications, for people, for projects, for services) and the purpose of our “strategic web content management system” is more about moderating those different sources and streams between different sites than managing the master content for those services. […]”

Martin Goldbach Olsen: “Intranets will be big again […].”

Jacob Floyd: “The latest trend in CMS development has been to make WYSIWYG inline-editing a first-class feature […]. That trend serves content editors very well, however it does not meet the needs of content creators and content authors.”

Mikkel Staunsholm: “We need to find a way to easily navigate and present any information available from a single centralised content hub, spanning all digital platforms.”

I’m reading this with the  convergence between WCM and DAM  in mind…

(Minor complaint: Let’s hope that in 2017, such an important document will be published as an HTML page instead of a not-too-accessible PowerPoint presentation on Slideshare.)

Mon, 12 Aug 2013 14:16:27 +0000