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Henrik Kniberg: The Solution to Technical Debt

Henrik Kniberg – The Solution to Technical Debt:

“Crap gets into the code because programmers put it in! Let me make that crystal clear: Crappy Code is created by programmers.

[…] However, the most probable reason for why you are writing crappy code is: Pressure.

[…] Sometimes the cause of the pressure is the programmers themselves. Developing a feature almost always take longer than we think, and we really want to be a Good Programmer and make those stakeholders happy, so the pressure builds up from inside.

[…] If you are creating Crappy Code, development is going to get slower and slower over time. There is no business sense in this, and it is certainly not agile.

[…] Tell the world, and the people who you believe are pressuring you into writing code: “We have been writing crappy code. Sorry about that. We’ll stop now.”

[…] The real source of pressure (if there was any) will reveal itself. Quality is invisible in the short term, and that needs to be explained. Take the battle!”

Thu, 01 Aug 2013 12:04:58 +0000