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David Diamond: Five Reasons Why DAM is No Photoshop

David Diamond on CMSWire – Five Reasons Why DAM is No Photoshop:

“So what went wrong with the DAM industry? Where is the explosive growth? The IPOs?

[…] DAM vendors lack vision. Just as one could argue that PayPal should have been a product of Western Union, it's easy to argue that DropBox and Google Drive should have come from a DAM vendor.

[…] If a DAM vendor knows anything about DAM, it should be able to speak about it in unique terms, in content authored by its own personnel. Agreeing with Henrik de Gyor, linking to David Riecks articles, or retweeting Real Story Group is not how DAM vendors will move this industry forward.

[…] You can’t just unplug your metadata and assets from one DAM and plug them into another. This is bad news for disgruntled customers, but it’s great news for lazy DAM vendors. Business professionals call it 'high switching costs.'”

Thu, 16 May 2013 20:40:08 +0000