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Farm animal photos (and semantic markup)

A pig on a technical blog? Sorry for being off-topic (and don’t expect good photos, I’m just a point-and-shoot amateur):

I’ll publish a few images now and then because I want to experiment (in public) with semantic markup for both articles and images. I’d like to find out what search engines make of my HTML markup, and what the challenges are for the markup author.

(I’m deliberately starting from scratch, so if you “view source” today there’ll be no semantic markup for the images yet, and no embedded metadata within the files. Watch this space for updates as I work this out.)

Why? Because I think that in the long term, it’s wrong to publish your digital assets through someone else’s data silo (be it Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Getty Images or even Imgembed). Let’s evolve conventions for publishing them (with rich metadata) on our own Web sites, under our own domain names. Let links and search engines lead visitors to your own property on the Web, and remain in control of presentation and behaviour.

Thu, 02 May 2013 19:53:22 +0000