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Ralph Windsor: Digital Asset Management Value Chain – Search

Ralph Windsor at Digital Asset Management News – Digital Asset Management Value Chain – Search:

“It is not sufficient to offer a search capability which is just simple to use, it needs to be able to cope with an ever widening range of users and also the increasing volume of assets being stored.

[…] When end users start to utilise these more sophisticated facilities to filter results for a real world task, they find they are inadequate or have some functional limitation that was not fully anticipated during the design phase. Many developers reading this will be familiar with scenarios where they build a feature, deploy it and then hear nothing until it eventually gets used (sometimes years later) when the real usability issues get reported.

[…] When users start out, they want simpler features that operate like the internet search engines they already know, use and understand. So they expect to type in a single keyword and get optimal results back which they manually assess […]. Later, they start to get more specialised and want to locate a more limited range of results.”

Sat, 09 Feb 2013 21:39:16 +0000