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Managing Metadata - Any Volunteers?

Erik Hartman at CMSWire – Managing Metadata - Any Volunteers?:

“Librarians and archivists for that matter, are academically trained in using metadata for retrieval and reuse. Though well equipped for the task, most librarians are quite invisible to the web team and on the verge of being fired due to budget cuts. These people can be very valuable for your web team, so keep these specialists on board whenever possible.

I think there should be an overseer for metadata, be it a metator, content librarian, content analyst, metadata specialist, meta champion or any other dedicated role. Metadata has too much impact on an organization's online success to be handed over to a group of editors and/or subject matter experts (SMEs) with no insight in each other's work.”

Thu, 30 Aug 2012 18:15:34 +0000