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How to Advance Lean Software Development (Beyond the 'Toyota Way')

Matthew Heusser at CIO.com – How to Advance Lean Software Development (Beyond the 'Toyota Way'):

“Lean manufacturing focuses on delivering one part, end-to-end. This is sometimes called one-piece flow. […] To get to one-piece flow, we'll eliminate multi-tasking.

[…] Instead of "pushing" work to the next step in the chain, we pull it. This means testers don't take on work until they are ready for it. […] [The programmers] have to figure out how to help the testers— by testing themselves, perhaps, or by writing test tools or "drivers."

[…] The lean software solution is to get the person who can answer the question in the room—either by embedding the customer directly in the team room, or, for a technical question, pairing new programmers with more experienced staff so they dont get stuck.

[…] When I started at one recent client, the team was doing "book" Scrum, with two-week iterations and bi-weekly ritual meetings that included retrospective, planning and estimating meetings. These meetings often felt forced and artificial. […] We dropped iterations and moved the meetings to a just-in-time format. […] Since we made that switch, two other teams switched to this continuous flow approach; three other teams continue to use iterations. There was no mandate from management or standard to follow. Certain teams simply saw waste and wanted to eliminate it.”

Mon, 11 Jun 2012 07:05:36 +0000