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rNews is here. And this is what it means.

Evan Sandhaus at New York Times Open – rNews is here. And this is what it means.:

“On September 21, the IPTC and Schema.org officially announced their work together.

So by October 2011, we had a supported standard for embedding publishing specific metadata into HTML documents. Now all we had to do was actually implement rNews on nytimes.com.

And that’s what we did.

[…] all you have to do is view source on any nytimes.com article published on or after January, 23 2012. In the HTML you will see new attributes like ‘itemtype’, ‘itemprop’ and ‘itemid’. If you paste an article URL into the Google Rich Snippets tool, you can see a parse of the structured data now embedded into every nytimes.com article.”

Thu, 16 Feb 2012 21:32:55 +0000