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How to Design Perfect (Software) Products

Pieter Hintjens – How to Design Perfect (Software) Products:

Trash-Oriented Design: “Eventually, something resembling a working product makes it out of the door. It's creaky and fragile, complex and ugly. The designers curse the engineers for their incompetence and pay more consultants to put lipstick onto the pig, and slowly the product starts to look a little nicer. By this time, the managers have started to try to sell the product and they find, shockingly, that no-one wants it.”

Complexity-Oriented Design: “The team, being engineers and thus loving to build stuff, build stuff. They build and build and build and end up with massive, perfectly designed complexity. The products go to market, and the market scratches its head and asks, "seriously, is this the best you can do?"”

Simplicity-Oriented Design: “We apply one measure of quality to patches, namely "can this be done any simpler while still solving the stated problem?" We can measure complexity in terms of concepts and models that the user has to learn or guess in order to use the patch. The fewer, the better. A perfect patch solves a problem with zero learning required by the user.”

 (Via Ivo Jansch.)
Wed, 01 Feb 2012 14:03:10 +0000