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Responsibility and authority

Seth Godin – Responsibility and authority:

"There's a different approach, though, one that's based on responsibility instead of authority. "Anyone who takes responsibility for getting something done is welcome to ask for the authority to do it."

Mon, 01 Aug 2011 09:40:24 +0000

Tilt: Visualize your Web page in 3D

"Tilt is a Firefox extension that lets you visualize any web page DOM tree in 3D."

(Via Nat Torkington at O'Reilly Radar.)

Thu, 21 Jul 2011 10:32:51 +0000

The invisible crossroads

Seth Godin – The invisible crossroads:

"It's easy to get stressed and excited about the infrequent crossroads. It's just as easy to ignore the daily opportunities you have to change everything."

Mon, 18 Jul 2011 11:09:11 +0000

Why is nobody using SSL client certificates?

Philip Hofstetter back in 2008 – Why is nobody using SSL client certificates?:

"Did you know that ever since the days of Netscape Navigator 3.0, there is a technology that allows you to

– securely sign on without using passwords,

– allow for non-annoying two-factor authentication,

– uniquely identify yourself to third-party websites without giving the second party any account information

All of this can be done using SSL client certificates."

(Sounds like a better Single Sign-On solution to me than BrowserID.)

Mon, 18 Jul 2011 11:41:23 +0000

Own your identity

Marco Arment – Own your identity:

"Sadly, most people don’t care about giving control of their online identity to current or future advertising companies.

But there will always be the open web for the geeks, the misfits, the eccentrics, the control freaks, and any other term we can think of to proudly express our healthy skepticism of giving up too much control over what really should be ours."

(Via Dave Winer.)

Mon, 18 Jul 2011 11:03:17 +0000

Make Your Business 10X Faster with Box’s New Search

Sam Ghods of Box.net – Make Your Business 10X Faster with Box's New Search:

"We re-evaluated our technology and decided to make a switch to a fully distributed and scalable search platform using the open source project Solr, powered by Lucene. If Solr sounds familiar, that's because odds are good you're already using it. Companies like Salesforce, LinkedIn and Twitter are successfully using Solr on a massive scale, and we're excited to join them in using and developing on top of this mature, robust technology."

Fri, 08 Jul 2011 09:09:33 +0000

New features in PHP5.4 alpha1

Gonzalo Ayuso – New features in PHP5.4 alpha1:

"Added array dereferencing support:


$a = new A();
echo $a->foo()['name'];

(Via entwickler.com.)

Update: Playing with the new PHP5.4 features by the same author.

Wed, 06 Jul 2011 08:51:29 +0000

PDFBox - PDF Highlighting

PDFBox - PDF Highlighting:

"There are cases when you might want to highlight text in a PDF document. For example, if the PDF is the result of a search request you might want to highlight the word in the resulting PDF document. There are several ways this can be achieved, each method varying in complexity and flexibility."

Wed, 06 Jul 2011 09:27:55 +0000