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Shortchanging Your Business with User-Hostile Platforms

Alex Payne – Shortchanging Your Business with User-Hostile Platforms:

"My team experienced a number of the usual problems one has with AIR applications: lousy performance, odd interface bugs, key combinations and UI elements that didn’t conform to our operating system. AIR apps exist in an uncanny valley between a web application and a desktop application, and the result is unsettling and annoying.

[…] Cross-platform solutions like AIR might be better for your business in the short term, but your customers probably hate it, and you could be shortchanging yourself in the long run. If there’s a market, spend the time and money to build proper native desktop and mobile apps. If you don’t think there’s a market but the demand is there, expose an API to your service, let inspired developers build native apps, and see what happens."

(Via Tim Bray.)

Tue, 25 Jan 2011 10:34:09 +0000