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Box.net Announces Product Updates: Potential Threat To DAM Vendors?

Naresh Sarwan at Digital Asset Management News – Box.net Announces Product Updates: Potential Threat To DAM Vendors?:

"With some DAM vendors eager to tout the benefits of SaaS as a way to get around draconian IT departments and reduce deployment headaches, SaaS inevitably encourages increased commoditisation and makes it easier for the lower cost providers to directly compete with them.  Box.net and their ilk may ironically help bolster the position of enterprise vendors and sharpen the dividing line between enterprise and commodity solutions to the detriment of the mid-range DAM SaaS vendor.

[…] It remains to be seen how far box.net will progress in DAM, but the message is clear for DAM vendors, if your product has poor usability or fails to offer clear and compelling benefits over low cost commodity services then you stand to lose out over the medium-long term."

Fri, 21 Jan 2011 22:24:38 +0000