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We’re in the information business

Stijn Debrouwere – We’re in the information business:

"The goal is to make our content management system like a miniature world in a snowglobe. Not just a system that publishes text, but a system that talks like we do: it knows that an interview implies one or more interviewees.

[…] An issue is more than just a number: it has a date of publication, a cover image, a chief editor, it might revolve around a special theme, it has a circulation, it has one or more cover stories. Don’t think too soon that something is just a number or merely a line of text.

[…] We need domain-specific ways of indicating, err, marking up a text. We need to start creating our own little Markdown-like languages for journalism.

[…] A well-architected news website leads to content that will keep on providing value, rather than leaving stories to wither away when their immediate news value has faded. Structured content is the stuff that makes a website malleable."

(Via Jayson Lorenzen.)

Wed, 01 Sep 2010 11:05:48 +0000