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Stop Giving the Newspapers Your Advice - They Don’t Need It

Joshua-Michéle Ross at O'Reilly Radar – Stop Giving the Newspapers Your Advice - They Don’t Need It:

"The failure of newspapers is not a failure of imagination or foresight nor is it a failure of individuals. This kind of failure is the hallmark of all institutions in the face of tectonic disruption. Institutions are a set of agreements that perpetuate a social order beyond individual intention or tenure. Changing those agreements is costly and time-consuming. So when the rate of change accelerates beyond the institution’s adaptive capacity - extinction follows.

The question is not “what should newspapers do?” but “how can a large institution effectively organize in response to disruptive change?” Taken thus, it is not only the fundamental question to ask of newspapers."

Wed, 23 Sep 2009 08:38:26 +0000