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Drupal as Open Architecture

Kurt Cagle at O'Reilly News – Drupal as Open Architecture:

"One thing that's rubbed at me for a while is that Ruby on Rails is still based upon this paradigm that you have to write code in order to build a site, which means that Ruby will always be of use only to those people who can write Ruby code in the first place.

With Drupal, that's no longer a requirement, and it means that people can get Drupal sites up and running quickly without needing to understand the first thing about programming - and if they can't find a module that does what they need […] then they can find a programmer that will create just that functionality without having to rebuild the entire site. It's one of the reasons why Drupal is beginning to become the de facto environment for smaller news organizations and PR departments.

[…] As to Drupal, it has effectively become to web portals what Eclipse is to application development, and has the potential to significantly challenge Microsoft's Sharepoint or similar commercial portal applications in that space."