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CSS Considered Unstylish - or why CSS sucks

Jon Meyer – CSS Considered Unstylish - or why CSS sucks:

"CSS purports to separate style and content, but in fact it radically fails to do so. Rather, the opposite is true - CSS actually conflates style and structure. CSS stylesheets impose many implicit restrictions on the HTML structure. These restrictions are poorly defined and underspecified.

[…] Rules have a tendency to get tangled together, and its hard to pull them apart. Often, its faster to start from scratch than to modify an existing stylesheet.

[…] To conclude, I believe CSS is too complex, has no good WYSIWIG experience, and misses basic features found in other styling systems.

CSS would be stronger if it only offered named styles, based-on styles, no cascade, and support for modules/namespacing. "


Sun, 29 Jun 2008 20:43:24 +0000