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Drupal and The Future of News

Kurt Cagle – Drupal and The Future of News:

"The role of editor as arbiter and gate keeper is increasingly becoming automated because the taxonomy systems are becoming too complex for any one person to keep abreast of. However, this is also important because taxonomy is the new navigation, something which I believe Drupal does inordinately well. Most news sites have transcended the level where a human being can reasonably serve to build navigation, search engines face a problem of geometric expansion of content in the long term, and thus its likely that taxonomic navigation will be the dominant face of finding news moving forward.

Watch the space of stochastic taxonomic analyzers; I suspect it will be a significant growth industry in the comparatively near term. The irony of course is that in building the initial web, the metaphor most commonly used was that of the magazine, but as with any new technology, the metaphors that drove the initial adoption eventually fade away as the capabilities of the new technology shape the parameters of what can be done in that medium. Whether the existing news providers will in fact survive that transition remains to be seen."

Tue, 03 Jun 2008 20:24:27 +0000