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The evil that is fear: banning religion from US prisons

Greg Beaver - The evil that is fear: banning religion from US prisons:

"The past 6 years have seen an unprecedented rise in the institutionalization of fear as public policy in the United States. This is of course primarily due to the attacks of 9/11, but not because of the terrorist attacks. The institutionalization of fear is entirely due to our political leaders, led at the top by a president but followed by the many lawmakers within the legislative branch independent of political party. The unprecedented abuse of fundamental clauses of our Constitution such as the right to have no unreasonable search and seizure, the right not to be tortured, and now even the freedom of religion all result from the institutionalization of fear as a policy of government.

[...] Focusing all resources on anti-terrorism directly resulted in the unpreparedness of FEMA to deal with Hurricane Katrina, which is empirically a much greater threat to the life and liberty of Americans than terrorism (many more hurricanes hit the US than do terrorists).  Please help America put a halt to the madness of fear-governed policy, and minimally participate in government by calling or emailing your representatives.  It is time for U.S. citizens to turn the empty rhetoric about freedom and democracy so often foisted upon other countries into true freedom and democracy at home."

Tue, 11 Sep 2007 07:07:17 +0000