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Why Isn't System Administration Evolving?

Luke A. Kanies at O'Reilly Sysadmin - Why Isn't System Administration Evolving?:

"Imagine the best books on development only covering how to write code, and skipping over all the hard bits, like design or testing. Now imagine there only being about four books on development. Ouch. Welcome to my world. I’ve said it many times: The state of system administration is pitiful. The tools are horrible, there’s no community to speak of, best practice is essentially non-existent, there are basically no tools with open and active development communities, there are almost no startups trying to solve these problems, and no one really seems to care. Heck, there aren’t really even any sysadmin bloggers; we’ve got 234,486 people blathering on about Web 2.0, and they’re all depending on one guy with SSH and a for loop to build and maintain their network because no one’s even talking about system administration."

Wed, 07 Feb 2007 10:12:32 +0000