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Sunday Blogging!

Scott Adams - Sunday Blogging!:

"No matter how much news I absorb, I am always left with some important questions of context that seem conspicuously unanswered.

[...] My complaint is that these things should be included prominently in the news so the ignorant and lazy viewer such as me receives the right context without working too hard. Without proper context, the news is misleading at best, and intentionally biased at worst.

For example, Iran has 25,000 Jewish citizens. The media made a big deal – and rightly so – about the president of Iran’s comments about “wiping Israel off the map,” and of his questioning the Holocaust. For context, wouldn’t you like to know how the Jews living in Iran are being treated? I know I can research that question on my own, but it seems like an important bit of context that was missing from the media reports."

Sun, 08 Oct 2006 21:46:09 +0000