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Creating a virtual card catalog

John Blyberg - Creating a virtual card catalog:

"Ever get nostalgic for the old card catalog?

I was lurking on #code4lib and someone dropped a link to some fabulous old catalog cards. That reminded me of an idea Eli Neiburger had to make a flash-based card catalog that you could flip through. Never one to let a good idea sit, I decided to work on a variation that would allow visitors to AADL’s catalog a chance to get their hands on a “virtual card catalog”.

[...] Using PHP’s great GD front-end, I threw together an interface to view the cards and a little database that will allow users to add some marginalia. Of course, you can view the cards with or without the comments."

See also Edward Vielmetti: Sample card catalog output using XSLT and CSS from the AADL catalog, and my old CSS browsable cardfile...

Wed, 16 Aug 2006 13:19:14 +0000