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When Amateurs Roamed the Earth

Tim O'Reilly cites a NY Times article - When Amateurs Roamed the Earth:

"Before box cameras became universal a century or so ago, people drew for pleasure but also because it was the best way to preserve a cherished sight, a memory, just as people played an instrument or sang if they wanted to hear music at home because there were no record players or radios. Amateurism was a virtue, and the time and effort entailed in learning to draw, as with playing the piano, enhanced its desirability.

[...] With the arts, American adults have acquiesced to playing the passive role of receivers....So it is with classical music, painting and drawing, professional renditions of which are now so widely available that most people probably can’t or don’t imagine there’s any point in bothering to do these things themselves."

Thu, 20 Jul 2006 08:12:59 +0000