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Automatic feed enclosure download for backups?

"FeedStation allows you to download enclosures that appear in your NewsGator Online or FeedDemon feeds. " That's nice. Sounds like I can automate downloads for any kind of file...

Thinking beyond podcasting: I've got a couple of applications on the web (like this weblog) for which I can do automated (local) backups (via a shell script run from a cron job), and currently I manually copy them over to my Windows laptop - from time to time, when I remember doing so.

How about setting up an ultra-simple PHP script producing an Atom (or RSS) feed with enclosures pointing to the files in that backup directory?

When I think about this, shouldn't automatically getting the latest copy of my favourite software be as simple as subscribing to its "download"-feed (with enclosures)? (And a naive question, since I haven't really thought about this - what's the difference between "photocasting" and automatic enclosure downloads from image feeds into my picture directory?)

Fri, 21 Apr 2006 14:43:40 +0000