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Amazon S3

Jeff Bezos - Amazon S3:

"Earlier today we rolled out Amazon S3, our reliable, highly scalable, low-latency data storage service.

Using SOAP and REST interfaces, developers can easily store any number of blocks of data in S3. Each block can be up to 5 GB in length, and is associated with a user-defined key and additional key/value metadata pairs. Further, each block is protected by an ACL (Access Control List) allowing the developer to keep the data private, share it for reading, or share it for reading and writing, as desired.

The system was designed to provide a data availability factor of 99.99%; all data is transparently stored in multiple locations.

S3 is a very cost-effective data storage solution. Using S3's economical pay-as-you-go model, storing 1 GB of data for 1 month costs just 15 cents."

Fri, 17 Mar 2006 07:13:28 +0000