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Raving about Java EE 5

Graham Hamilton - Raving about Java EE 5:

"For Java EE 5 we had some wide ranging goals:

  • * Eliminate common boilerplate. If millions of developers need to type something, it had better be both useful and necessary.
  • * Focus in on "Plain Old Java Objects" (POJOs). In particular, get rid of unnecessary interfaces and class hierarchy clutter.
  • * Improve defaults, so that the 90% common cases "just work".
  • * Eliminate the need for deployment descriptors. (But still allow people to add them later.)
  • * Emphasize "truth-in-source-code" so that source code clearly specifies what is going on. For example, you shouldn't need to read an XML side file to understand what some code is doing."
Tue, 21 Feb 2006 21:02:03 +0000