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There's so much more than Rails

Ian Bicking - There's so much more than Rails:

"Ruby doesn't have Acquisition, but it also plays loose with classes and interfaces in a way that makes code hard to understand locally. Of course nothing is inevitable, but there's risk. And the first generation of programmers is usually enthusiastic; any failure is a personal failure, so you can gloss over those things. It's the second generation that's going to be less enthused, that's going to stare in bafflement at these classes that mysteriously spawn methods, and trying to figure out what's going when there's an exception in dynamically generated code.

[...] Rails doesn't do any of the stuff that PHP does well, it merely provides a landing spot for disaffected PHP programmers. The beauty of PHP is that they are constantly sloughing off disaffected programmers, and yet their numbers still grow. (If PHP is wrong, do we want to be right?)"

Thu, 19 Jan 2006 23:28:26 +0000