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Maybe it’s Not Just Ruby on Rails

chromatic - Maybe it’s Not Just Ruby on Rails:

“In my mind, the issue isn’t “Ruby on Rails is more flexible and capable than standard J2EE or .NET for any project under a (very high) threshold of complexity". The real point is that the simplicity, flexibility, and abstraction possibilities offered by dynamic languages and well-designed libraries – as well as a talent for exploiting radical simplicity, extracting commonalities from actual working code, and knowing when too much flexibility makes you less agile – offer a huge advantage over languages and libraries and frameworks and platforms that assume you need a lot of hand-holding to solve a really hard problem.

Yes, Ruby on Rails does what it does very well. It’s not the only thing that does, though. I wonder perhaps if some of the buzz and glow is that it’s new and shiny (in comparison), so that people haven’t already formed their own opinions about it.”

Sat, 05 Nov 2005 22:55:00 +0000